Saturday, 2 December 2017

3 Types Of Content That Didnt Get Website Traffic

Hi friends i hope you are doing great. so today i will show you 10 types of content that didnt get us traffic. as we know if our website didn't get any traffic then its waste of time to write content. and if website is fail to get traffic from your content then read this post fully to know more about 10 types of content that didnt get website traffic.

10 Types Of Content That Didnt Get Website Traffic
if you are writing bad content then you cant get success so i will show you to avoid this types of content.

1. Insulting Content
People are writing about things to insult others this technique is no longer exist because 2018 is near this technique is old. so please dont write insulting contents.

2. Boring Content
If you writing only to help your self then you are writing boring content. so please dont write boring content give respect to your reader.

3. Wrong Content
If you are writing about any topic without knowledge then you are writing wrong content. if you writing wrong content then you are not deserve to get success.

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